The last 40 years of clinical research have seen a lot of significant progress in the field of osseointegration. The method is used on a daily basis to replace lost teeth, ears, eyes and limbs. It can also be used for the connection of implantable hearing devices and joint replacement.

Thanks to clinical research and the experience we have gained over the past decades, we have developed bone transplantation techniques, for the cases where bone quantity is insufficient for an implant to be placed. These techniques allow us to “build” bone.

As transplantation is a rather invasive procedure, we have also developed a technique for the cases where a severe maxillary deficiency creates the need for transplantation. With this technique the implants are placed on the zygomatic bone and thus no transplantation is needed.

During a long treatment period, the patient may feel discomfort and face problems associated with a removable denture. To eliminate them we implement the process called Brånemark Novum®: The implants are placed early in the morning and the final attachment takes place in the afternoon. Therefore, at the end of the first day the patient can have a light meal. Furthermore, this new process has a significantly lower cost compared to the conventional treatment of a completely edentulous mandible.

Understanding the “Brånemark choice”

At Brånemark Osseointegration Center Greece, our fundamental principle is to always place the patient at the center of care. This is why we offer comprehensive solutions to every problem that needs addressing, in order to prevent any patient discomfort that could be caused from unnecessary visits.

At B.O.C.G., all needed operations –from consultation, examination or dental cleaning to complete restoration of worn teeth with implants and recovery– take place in a single Center, by a team of specialist doctors working together in order to deliver excellent treatment and perfect aesthetic and functional results.